AMC Says That 98% of Its U.S. Movie Theaters Will Be Open By Friday

Loganimages via Deposit Photos

When the COVID-19 pandemic started, movie theaters were among the non-essential businesses that closed. While many other non-essential businesses have reopened, many movie theaters have remained closed. That definitely doesn’t mean that we haven’t been watching movies. Between streaming services and drive-in theaters popping up around the country, movies themselves have remained essential.

There was a time when we wondered if movie theaters would be able to survive the pandemic. After all, would anyone want to go to a movie theater after being able to watch new releases on a streaming service? The answer seems to be yes. After all, many people have happily gone to drive-in theaters to watch new and old movies.

Many Americans will finally be able to have the experience of visiting an indoor movie theater once again. According to AMC, by Friday March 19th, 2021, 98% of their movie theaters will be open. This includes more than 40 movie theaters in California, and even more movie theaters in California will be open by Monday, like 52 out of its 54 locations in the golden state.

AMC wants guests to feel safe returning to their movie theaters. They are making sure every employee is trained on the new safety protocols including social distancing and mask wearing. Guests will also notice hand sanitizing stations, contactless ticketing and the ability to order refreshments from a mobile phone.

While masks are required for everyone inside AMC theaters, at most AMC theaters, guests will be allowed to temporarily remove their masks while actively eating or drinking inside the auditorium. However, some state guidelines may not allow guests to eat or drink in the theaters.

Auditorium capacity has also been reduced to allow for social distancing. At theaters that offer reserved seats, the ticketing system has been updated to block out seats for social distancing. In addition, according to AMC’s website, if you enter the theater and feel that you’re seated too closely to another family, you can feel free to move to an open seat that is further away from members of other households.

According to AMC spokesman Ryan Noonan, AMC is rehiring many of their previous employees as well as hiring new employees. The reopening of movie theaters definitely helps increase the number of jobs available.

What was the last movie you saw in a movie theater? Do you plan to go to the movies inside sometime soon? Do you think movie theaters will be able to survive the pandemic?