This is What It Actually Means When an Item is Marked ‘Amazon’s Choice’

Unless you’re stuck in the 20th-century, chances are you use Amazon to purchase many of your everyday items, like clothing, toiletries, gifts, groceries, your cat’s kitty litter, and even a tiny home. (We’re not kidding about that last one!)

But, even though Amazon is, without a doubt, revolutionizing the way we shop, the company’s system can sometimes be a confusing one to navigate. For instance, the company has an odd way of tricking you into thinking that their prices are the absolute lowest ones on the market–even though they always aren’t!

Recently, we told you all about an odd pricing tactic that the e-commerce behemoth is notorious for making. When it comes to larger purchases, like a television, Amazon will usually price it at much lower than their competitors ever will. It seems like a such a great deal, that customers will quickly buy out the lot. And, of course, if it’s an item that comes with accessories, the company gives consumers the option to bundle them together.

It seems like a helpful, time-saving option, but it’s one that is rarely cost-effective. Wanna know why? Oh, because Amazon routinely jacks up the prices of the accessories as much as 33-PERCENT more than their competitors!

Pretty messed up, right? If it’s happened to you–and we’re sure it has whether you realized it at the time or not–the situation can be a frustrating one. It’s one of those scenarios that SEEMS borderline illegal, but it, of course, isn’t. These days, consumers have the power because there are so many different ways to purchase; that said, the multitude of options can be awfully time-consuming to explore!

For this reason, Amazon has launched a new program, called ‘Amazon’s Choice’. As far as we know, it’s not a deceitful one like the aforementioned accessory bundles. Good news, right?

What Amazon’s Choice is designed to do is attempt to bring some order to the often-overcrowded product pages that come up when customers conduct a search.

For example, if you’ve ever searched for, let’s say, a small, black purse on the website, no doubt you got inundated with an overwhelming amount of information. Chances are, you received thousands upon thousands of black purse options, detailing items with all different kinds of price points, brand varieties, materials, etc. Of course, you can always use the handy ‘Refine by’ feature on the left side of the screen, but even then, it’s hard to tell exactly what you’re ordering.

That’s why Amazon launched ‘Amazon’s Choice’–it’s a feature that serves to bring some legitimacy to the best of their inventory. We all know that the marketplace isn’t necessarily discerning when it comes to what is offered, so it’s good to hear that they are doing their best to feature the good ones.

To learn the process that Amazon takes to determine the Amazon’s Choice items, be sure to watch the video below. We’re definitely going to look for this special seal from now on!

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this new Amazon program. Have you ever ordered an Amazon’s Choice item? If so, do you feel that the quality is better? Do you know of any helpful Amazon shopping hacks?