If You Need a Real Christmas Tree, Amazon Will Ship a 7-Footer to Your Home

Amazon has changed the way we shop for household goods, gifts, clothing, food, and even entertainment, but now the company has taken it one step further by offering its shoppers a new way to purchase their most important Christmas centerpiece.

That’s right, Amazon will actually ship a 7-foot Christmas tree directly to your home–that’s a REAL 7-foot Christmas tree, by the way, fresh smell and all!

A report released by the Associated Press reveals that Amazon will begin shipping the Christmas staple in November. Amazon promises that the 7-foot Fraser firs will be sent from their North Carolina farm within 10 days of being cut.

The seasonal offering may sound like an over-the-top novelty, but as it turns out, Amazon actually started shipping 3-foot tall Christmas trees last year. According to the company, the holiday product was so successful that they decided to expand their inventory to include standard-sized trees.

To learn even more about Amazon’s real Christmas tree offerings, namely, the PRICE of these 7-foot firs, be sure to watch the video below. Well, we don’t have flying cars in 2018, but we do have on-demand Christmas tree delivery. Who would have ever predicted that?!

We can’t wait to hear your take on this bombshell announcement from Amazon. Are you surprised that the company is selling real trees? Do you plan to order one? What is an item that you wish Amazon would carry?