Amazon Prime Members Now Have Access To Grubhub+ Membership For Free

We’ve been hooked on Amazon ever since we received our first order delivered directly to our door. We’ve been hooked on Amazon Prime ever since we signed up for a free trial and received our order directly to our door in just 2 days. Warning: don’t sign up for an Amazon Prime trial thinking you’ll ever deactivate your membership. Delivery in 2 days or less is just too good to pass up.

Besides free and quick delivery for Prime members, there are a lot of other perks to membership such as photo storage, music and video streaming, and exclusive discounts.

Amazon’s annual Prime Days are coming up on July 12th and 13th which include exclusive deals for members. It’s like Black Friday shopping but only on Amazon and only for Prime members.

Ahead of the Prime Days deals, Amazon has released a new perk for members at no additional cost to their membership. All members have to do is activate this perk. The perk is free membership to Grubhub+ for an entire year. That means no delivery fees at Grubhub on any order over $12.

If you like food delivered to your door, you probably already know how great Grubhub is. Eliminating delivery fees just makes food delivery that much sweeter.

If you’re a Prime member, all you have to do to activate your free Grubhub+ membership is go to From there, you can click the blue button that reads “Activate free Grubhub+.” You’ll be prompted to set up a Grubhub username and password, or you can simply sign in if you already have a Grubhub account. Then, you’ll need to sign in to Amazon again in order to link the two accounts, and you will need to click “Activate for Free.” Viola. You now have a free membership to Grubhub+ through your Amazon Prime account!

One note. Beware of the fine print. Although Grubhub+ is free for a year for Prime members, after 12 months, you will be charged for your membership each month unless you cancel. Just like an Amazon Prime membership, the free trial may have you hooked.

Are you an Amazon Prime member? Are you going to activate the free Grubhub+ membership? Do you order from Grubhub very often?