17 Amazing Church Signs That Deserve All of Our Praise

funny church signPeter Legge OBC via BoredPanda

Churches are known for providing a lot of great things to their surrounding communities, like charity, safety, and, of course, spaces to worship with fellow parishioners. That said, when most people hear the word “church,” it’s not often that the word “funny” comes to mind. But, although, churches can be particularly enriching places, they are often (wrongfully!) regarded as being completely “humorless” institutions. How rude!

Now, if you so much as live by a church, then you know that this is a complete fallacy. As a matter of fact, parishes even like to show off their comedy chops right on their signs outside! Yep, churches all across the nation have been using these signs to attract would-be churchgoers for years, but, we’ve noticed that they have gotten funnier and funnier as of late.

Don’t believe us? Take a gander at these 17 amazing church signs and soon, you’ll be praising the divine humor, too!

  1. That signs that proves people really haven’t changed very much over the years

    That’ll teach you to finally read those Terms and Conditions!

  2. That sign that has us craving french fries

    And, we’re honey mustard people!

  3. That sign that puts everything into perspective

    A good reminder to our ‘judgey’ peers!

  4. That sign that makes us want to drive home and hug our dog

    Talk about a tall order!

  5. That sign that must be somewhere in the Deep South

    Somehow, it still manages to get the point across!

  6. That sign that should slide into our haters’ DMs

    No truer words have been spoken. Er, tweeted…

  7. That sign that *maybe* was hijacked by a local pest control company

    Call us jaded, but we think this has GOT to be an example of subliminal marketing at its best…

  8. That sign that’s literally, honestly, personally, like, *LIT*

    This church’s youth pastor clearly knows how to connect with today’s teens!

  9. That sign that’s offers a cryptic warning to drivers

    Always good to be notified of an oncoming speed trap before you drive into one!

  10. That sign that speaks to fanboys

    May the Force–we mean, FAITH–be with you!

  11. That sign that sounds like something our first-grade teacher used to yell at us

    But, it does have a point!

  12. That sign that was written by a very Canadian sign guy

    Go, Canucks!

  13. That sign that knows its competition

    Something tells us there’s a very popular Dairy Queen location down the street from this church…

  14. That sign that will inspire you to finally check your Facebook notifications

    Thanks, Jesus!

  15. That sign that *really* confuses passersby

    It took you a second to get it, too, right??

  16. That sign that delivers some very important driving advice

    It may seem macabre, but the point is impossible to debate!

  17. That sign that serves as a polite reminder to all snow-lovers

    Whoever these ‘snow-lovers’ may be…

We’d love to hear your take on these uproarious church signs! Which one is your favorite? Does your church ever post funny messages to the public? If you got the chance to author a church sign, what would you write on it?