Amanda Bynes Files A Petition To End Her Conservatorship

Britney Spears is finally free of the 13-year conservatorship that controlled her life, but now another star is coming forward to break free from her own conservatorship.

You may remember actress Amanda Bynes from her roles in movies like “What I Like About You” and “Easy A.” Or, perhaps you remember her from the TV shows “The Amanda Show” or “All That.” While she was a successful child star, we haven’t seen her on screen since 2010 in “Easy A.” What has she been up to all these years?

After several DUIs and run ins with the law for drug possession, things came to a head in 2013 when Bynes set a small fire in a stranger’s driveway. After that incident, Bynes was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. She was also put in a conservatorship which has been managed by her mother, Lynn, for approximately 9 years.

Bynes has been in and out of treatment facilities, but at this point, she feels that she is ready for the conservatorship to end. According to her attorney, David Esquibias, “She has a doctor’s declaration that indicates that she is able to manage her own financial affairs, that she’s able to live independently.” 

Watch the video below for more details about Bynes’ petition to end her conservatorship and to hear what her life is like now.

Esquibias told GMA, “She has been working hard in school for the last several years, earning almost straight A’s. She’s ready to live free of this conservatorship.”

Ending this conservatorship may not be a dramatic as it was for Spears. According to Esquibias, “Her family has been with her on this journey since the beginning and they fully support her.”

Did you know Bynes was under a conservatorship? Do you think the judge will decide to end the conservatorship? Do you think she’ll ever act again?