15 People Share the Things That Always Creep Them Out or That They Won’t Mess With

AndrewLozovyi via Deposit Photos

Whether or not you’re a superstitious person, there are some things that are simply freaky. We all get scared of different things, but for whatever reason, these are the top creepy things that people refuse to mess with—whether or not there’s logic to it. (These all came from a recent Reddit thread—you can scour through the comments here for more!)

  1. The Dark

    “Sometimes the dark makes me feel so uneasy and on edge, even if it’s a room I’ve just been in with the lights on, like a primal fear kind of thing. Which is super weird considering I’m a night owl.”

  2. Graveyards

    “I don’t mess around in graveyards. I don’t ever visit one unless I’m paying respects to family. It always strikes me as weird when people use them for stuff like photo shoots. It feels disrespectful for some reason, even though there’s not really anyone around to disrespect.”

  3. Sleeping With the Closet Door Open

    “It is too odd for me because my room is all white, if a beam of light gets in it, i’m able to see anything. However, if my closet is open, there is this black portal full of clothes hanging. Creepy.”

  4. Ghosts

    “I don’t really believe in ghosts and can usually think of reasonable explanations for ‘supernatural’ events on the internet. But as soon as there’s a sound in my own home and someone says ‘it’s a ghost,’ all of a sudden all logic is out the window and this ghost is gonna kill me.”

  5. Turning Their Back

    “I absolutely refuse to turn my back to the basement stairs after turning out the light.”

  6. Walking Under a Ladder

    “So I walk around Manhattan a lot for work, and there is always scaffolding with ladders attached. Every time I walk under one, I cross my fingers.”

  7. Children in the Dark

    “Go to sleep damnit.”

  8. Night Music

    “My grandma was Irish and she always told me you hear music at night don’t follow it.”

  9. Dark Reflections

    “Looking at the mirror in the dark still gives me some creeps.”

  10. Touching Wood

    “Better safe than sorry, you don’t want to end up with hairy palms or vision loss.”

  11. Skin Walkers

    “I was roommates in college with a Navajo guy and I was far from home so spent some holidays with his family. They had so many stories but when it came to skin walkers they would clam up fast and they would never talk about them after the sun went down. Maybe they were messing with me but I’m still terrified of them.”

  12. Ouija Boards

    “I’m open minded about the afterlife but I have not seen any evidence to prove or disprove it. But I avoid ouija boards, seances etc. because if there is an afterlife then I could create a lot of trouble for myself by summoning dead people’s spirits. Tbh, living people are hard enough to deal with!”

  13. Sidewalk Cracks

    “Can’t step on them. I love my mom too much. LOL.”

  14. Dead Bodies

    “I had a roommate who worked part time in a funeral home as a driver. While it was fun getting roses in a limo acting like I’m a someone other times he’d ask for my help and I’d get into the van and realize there was a body in the back. The mortician there was really cute and my age but naturally her humor was very dark. I felt weird being around dead bodies but for them it was daily life.”

  15. A Bad Gut Feeling

    “I’m in an area and I don’t feel okay or I am around someone and I don’t feel safe. No reasoning or logic behind it but I trust it.”

What’s something freaky you just simply won’t mess around with?