17 Adults Share Their Favorite ‘Alternative’ Names That Their Kids Have for Common Things

lunamarina via Deposit Photos

Kids say the darndest things, don’t they? When they’re not throwing temper tantrums or begging for our food, a lot of the time parents find their kids rather witty—especially if they’re trying to name something they don’t know the word for.

In a recent Twitter thread, moms and dads shared their favorite names their kids have given to common things. They may be saying them wrong, but they’re pretty hilarious. Here are our favorite ones!

  1. A Word for Tissues

  2. A Word for Trampolines

  3. A Word for Diary

  4. A Word for Deodorant

  5. A Word for Melatonin

  6. A Word for “Today”

  7. A Word for Geese

  8. A Word for a Sunroof

  9. A Word for Sandals

  10. A Word for Umbrella

  11. A Word for Jeans

  12. A Word for Shoe Laces

  13. A Word for the Empire State Building

  14. A Word for Teeth

  15. A Word for Coffee

  16. A Word for Gloves

  17. A Word for a Clementine

Has your child ever made up a word or misunderstood it? Share your best example!