Alicia Keys Shares the Skin Care Routine Behind Her Famous Makeup-Free Face

Do you know what Alicia Keys looks like without makeup? Beautiful. Her skin is truly enviable, especially for someone who is 38-years old. 

Her skincare tricks have been secrets for years, but she finally shared her nighttime skincare routine with the world. 

We were expecting her skincare routine to be complicated or include special products that we’d never be able to afford. We were wrong. It’s not very complicated. What it is is relaxing.

Keys goes step-by-step through her skincare routine and shares that her husband wonders what takes her so long in the bathroom at night. If he watches her video, he’ll finally know.

The first thing Keys does is drink a glass of water. Instead of a cup, she uses a mason jar, and she drinks the water through a metal straw. In the video, she’s drinking plain water, but sometimes she adds some flavor by adding fresh fruit. Keys says, “Water is the secret. It sounds so simple. It is important.”

Next, Keys sets a relaxing mood. She admits that she loves candles. After lighting one of her favorite candles, she’s finally ready to start cleansing her face.

Keys recommends starting by using face wipes or hot water and a wash cloth to wipe the day off your face. Then she moves on to cleanser. Keys shares that her skin is prone to breakouts, so she has to be careful about what types of cleansers she uses. Sometimes she chooses ones with medical grade ingredients, and sometimes she opts for cleansers that hardly contain any ingredients at all. Those two extremes work for her skin.

After cleansing her face, Keys spritzes her face with toner. She shares that you can rub the toner into your skin with a cotton ball, but she prefers to use her fingers. She recommends to “always use an upward motion” when rubbing the skin on your face.

Finally, Keys shares her secret for fighting blemishes – sulphur! While it doesn’t smell good, she claims that it’s worth it. She uses a cotton swab to rub a lotion that contains sulphur on any blemishes on her face.

To compensate for the fact that the sulphur “smells like a fart” (her words), she uses a delicious smelling body butter on her arms and neck.

Those are her real skincare secrets. Her next steps are simply things that make her feel great like rose water, essential oils and a box filled with things like tea for the bath and stones like rose quartz.

Finally, she ends by applying lip balm and moisturizer. Then she drinks a cup of tea before crawling into bed with a book.

You can watch Keys’ full nighttime skincare routine in the video below.

We love how simple these steps are. It certainly sounds like a relaxing evening routine. We’d probably drift off to sleep easily after this routine too, and it sounds like we’d wake up with blemish-free skin.

Keys isn’t the only celebrity who has been brave enough to share her makeup-free face with the world. Watch the video below to see what other celebrities are also members of the enviable-skin club.