Video Resurfaces of Alex Trebek Naming the Woman He Thought Could Replace Him As ‘Jeopardy’ Host

@yashar via Twitter

Watching Jeopardy used to be a weeknight highlight for most families. But when Alex Trebek passed away of pancreatic cancer, it was hard to watch the show with joy anymore.

That’s not to say the new hosts haven’t done a great job. Since he’s been gone, the show has gone through it’s fair share of guest hosts, who’ve hosted a few shows for a short period of time—everyone from Dr. Oz to Ken Jennings and Mayim Balik and more.

Right now, former host of Reading Rainbow, Levar Burton, is in the running to become the permanent host of the game show. Anyway, over 248,000 fans signed a petition in hopes of getting Burton to host Jeopardy! And their wish was the show’s command: Burton was granted a range of episodes to host.

However, an old video of Trebek recently surfaced of him saying exactly who he thought could replace him one day as the host—and it wasn’t Burton, nor any of the people who’ve been guest hosts on the show.

The video was found by Twitter user @yashar, who posted the clip to his page. “Before he passed away, Alex Trebek was asked by @HarveyLevinTMZ to name a woman he would want to replace him as host of @Jeopardy,” he said.

In the video, Trebek didn’t even hesitate. He knew exactly who it would be. Take a look at the video below to find out who it was that he suggested!

So why hasn’t this person been able to guest host yet? We’re not sure, but hopefully she gets her shot, especially since we all know that’s what Alex would’ve wanted.

After seeing the post, one fan pointed out that “he stated in his book that he was hoping for/expecting a woman to replace him.”

However, others thought the video clip seemed a bit fragmented, and wondered if Alex had suggested a male (who may have been a guest host) before he suggested a woman.

Guess we’ll never know!

Would you like to see the person he suggested host Jeopardy? Who else do you think would make a good guest host of the popular game show?