Aldi Expands Home Delivery Service Across the United States

It seems like virtually every supermarket is getting into the home delivery game, but the newest one on the list is none other than our favorite niche market, Aldi. According to a release published in Business Insider, Aldi will be rolling out a home delivery initiative that’s set to cover roughly 80% of its stores–that includes 35 states and around 5,000 zip codes to be exact!

Aldi says that it is hoping to have the service up and running for most of the stores by Thanksgiving, with the other ones being fully functional by the end of the calendar year.

What sets Aldi’s program apart from the others is the fact that the store will exclusively partner with Instacart to help pull off the process. If you’re unfamiliar with the online grocery shopping, Instacart is a mobile app that allows customers to shop for groceries on their own devices. Once the customer completes their virtual shopping list, the company then delivers the chosen items right to the home, many times with same-day–or even faster– delivery options.

Yep, we are officially living in “the future!”

But, before you get too excited, know that the convenience doesn’t stop there–Aldi will also be offering yet ANOTHER feature to complement its home grocery delivery. Can you guess what it is?? Hint: you don’t have to get out of your car to take advantage of it!

To unlock the answer and to learn even more about Aldi’s awesome home delivery initiative, be sure to watch the video below. Shopping is just getting more and more convenient, folks!

We can’t wait to hear your thoughts on Aldi’s home delivery news. Have you ever ordered groceries to be delivered to your home? If so, were you happy with the service? Do you plan on doing the same with Aldi?