Artist Uses AI To Make Life-Like Recreations of Famous Historical Figures

nathan_shipley_vfx via Instagram

When we look at images of people from history, we are always looking at an artist’s interpretation of what the person looked like. After all, in the days before photography, or at least before it was common, a great painting was the best way to capture what someone looked like.

Have you ever wondered what historical figures would look like in real life? Artist Nathan Shipley did, so he decided to find out. He used AI technology to digitally change a historic image like a painting so that it would look like a real person. He did such a good job, that it really looks like his creations are photographs of real people simply dressed up to look like the historical figures.

Shipley even added details that weren’t in the original works of art. For example, in some cases he added wrinkles or freckles. These details really make the AI version of the artwork seem incredibly realistic.Scroll down to see Shipley’s amazing work for yourself.

  1. Marie Antoinette

  2. George Washington

  3. William Shakespeare

  4. Anne Boleyn

  5. Henry VIII

  6. Queen Elizabeth I

  7. Benjamin Franklin

  8. Mary Tudor

  9. Johann Sebastian Bach

  10. Ludwig van Beethoven

  11. Edward VI