Adele Reveals Postponement Of Vegas Residency Due to COVID In Emotional Instagram Video

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Adele was planning to headline a new show at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas starting January 21, 2022. The residency would be her first time in concert in 5 years, and tickets for all 24 performances of the show, which was set to run through April 16, 2022, sold out in approximately 6 hours.

Lucky fans who were able to score tickets to the first weekend of performances were in Las Vegas when they received shocking and unexpected news that the show had been canceled. Adele took to Instagram on Friday, the day of the first scheduled show, to tell fans that the show would not go on, at least not that night.

Adele was very emotional in the video she posted on Instagram, and she was also very apologetic to fans who she knows were looking forward to seeing the concert. It seems that she waited until the last minute to announce the cancelation because she was hoping against hope that her team would be able to find a way for the show to go on as scheduled.

Watch the video below to see Adele’s emotional Instagram video for yourself and to learn more about her new residency in Las Vegas.

According to the Caesar’s Palace website, all of Adele’s shows have been canceled and will be rescheduled. At this time, new dates for the shows have not been announced.

Adele’s new show at Caesar’s Palace is called “Weekends with Adele.” Even though it didn’t go on as planned, many fans were already in town since they had planned to attend the show. While they weren’t able to attend the show in person, many fans still visited the gift shop outside Caesar’s Palace’s Colosseum theater, where “Weekends with Adele” will eventually open.

When fans entered the gift store, they were greeted with a message written on a mirror. It read, “I’m so upset to not be with you tonight. Please hang out and look at the outfits, take pics of anything you want.”

Once inside the store, a few fans got an extra special treat. Store employees chose a few fans to pull to the side to Facetime with Adele. During the video calls, Adele personally apologized to fans about postponing the show.

Any fan with a ticket to “Weekends with Adele” was given a swag bag with Adele merchandise at the gift store. The gifts include a T-shirt, a keychain, and magnets all in a tote bag. The swag bags will continue to be given away to any fan who goes to the store and shows a ticket to any date of Adele’s show.

When do you think Adele will actually start the show “Weekends with Adele” in Las Vegas? Do you have tickets to her show?