Adam Sandler Set to Host SNL for the First Time After Famously Saying He Wouldn’t

Split image of adam sandler then and nowWikimedia Commons

Saturday Night Live has got to be one of the funniest shows on television. From the actors to the writers who come up with the scripts, the show, has been on for more than 40 years and is broadcasted live from New York.

Every week, celebrities take turns hosting and perform all kinds of sketches, from whatever’s in the news to music and funny digital shorts.

There are certain celebrities that have hosted the show numerous times, and then there are those who have no interest in doing so. Adam Sandler once said that he didn’t really have much interest in ever being the host of the show.

“Why should I?” he famously questioned to SNL vet Norm Macdonald. “There are guys who love doing it, who are great at doing it. I just don’t know how good I’d be doing it. I did what I could do on that show.”

What many people don’t know is that Sandler joined SNL s a writer in 1990 and acted with the cast members from 1991 to 95. That’s actually where his famous “The Chanukah Song” came about, as well as other funny characters and scenes.

Sandler has also made a few cameos since his writing days, and even performed an SNL short with Andy Samberg for the 40th Anniversary Special back in 2015. But hosting it was never in the cards for him.

Until recently, that is. The actor has just agreed to host the show on May 4, 2019, which is great news for us Sandler fans! Be sure to mark your calendars for this likely once-only debut of the actor hosting SNL. He’ll be joined alongside musical guest Shawn Mendes, who has been on the show once before.

“We are happy to welcome Adam back to ‘SNL’ in what is sure to be a special night,” said executive producer Lorne Michaels in a statement.

To hear more about his past at SNL and what we can expect from the show, check out the video below.

Are you going to watch Adam Sandler host SNL on May 4?