Fans Shocked To Learn That Actresses In ‘Sex And The City’ Reboot Are The Same Age As Actresses Were In ‘The Golden Girls’

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The ’90s sit-com “The Golden Girls” has been more on the radar recently ever since actress Betty White, who played Rose, one of the four main cast members on the show, passed away just shy of her 100th birthday.

The show “The Golden Girls” is about four single women who all live together. There’s Dorothy and her mother Sophia. Then there are two women approximately the same age as Dorothy, her roommates Blanch and Rose.

One fan of the show happened to notice a strange similarity between “The Golden Girls” and the “Sex and the City” reboot “And Just Like That.” She did a little research and discovered that the characters on the show “The Golden Girls” were supposed to be roughly the same age as the characters on “Sex and the City.” They are all women in their 50s.

The fan, a woman named Emily Johnson, posted her revelation on TikTok.

@brownstonedmama There are many more comparisons between #goldengirls and #satc #andjustlikethat #bettywhite #aging #genx #tv ♬ The Golden Girls – The Main Title Theme – TV Themes

Johnson told Newsweek, “It’s very important that you note that my video was about the characters’ ages. The actresses were almost all in their 60s (with the exception of Rue, who was playing close to her own age). Many many people have left comments to this effect.” She added, “It just sort of occurred to me to look it up this weekend. Maybe because there was so much Betty White (RIP!) content in my world, the Golden Girls were on my brain. And I was home alone sick catching up on And Just Like That—the two worlds merged.”

Johnson continued, explaining why she believes the characters on “And Just Like That” seem so much younger, more middle-aged than elderly, as opposed to the women on “The Golden Girls.” She said, “The hair and styling has so much to do with it! But I think energetically there’s another aspect. For so many American women, we are having kids later, which means in our 50s we are still in the midst of a life that women of the Golden Girls era would have been done with. I think that brings with it a need to look like you’re still in the mix. Our foot is still very much on the gas!”

There are over 3000 comments on Johnson’s TikTok video about the connection between the two shows. Many people left their own thoughts about the characters ages and why “The Golden Girls” seem older. One person wrote, “Golden girls also came from a generation where once women hit 40, they were “old”, meanwhile we’re slowly allowing women to age how they would like.”

Another person added, “Our perception of age has changed.”

Another TikToker pointed out, “Definitely middle-aged, far from elderly! They are also the same age as Jay Z, Halle Berry, Sandra Bullock, Will Smith, Faith Hill, Salma Hayek, etc.”

Yet another comment reads, “I feel like that was just what was in style for middle aged women and it just looks old to us because that what our grandparents looked like.”

In case you’re unfamiliar with either show, you can see clips from the shows in the videos below. Here are some of Dorothy’s most noteworthy moments on “The Golden Girls.”

Now compare “The Golden Girls” characters with the “And Just Like That” characters. Here are some moments from “And Just Like That.”

Do you think the characters in “And Just Like That” look younger than the characters in “The Golden Girls”? If so, why? Do you think it’s just outdated style, or has our view of age changed over time?