17 People Share Their Absolute Best Cooking Tips

Image of people cookingDmitryPoch via Deposit Photos

Cooking is an art. While there are certainly simple ways to cook food so that it tastes really good, if you know certain tips and tricks, you can add a whole new level of flavor to what you’re eating.

Twitter user Jack Altman asked, “What’s your best cooking tip?” Then he added his favorite tip, adding salt to salads. While we’ve never done that before, we definitely plan on trying it!

Most of the answers to Altman’s question are very simple changes that are easy to do, like adding salt in unexpected places and what to do what pasta water. Scroll down to learn your new favorite cooking tip.

  1. Salt on Salads

  2. Yogurt for Marinade

  3. Salt on Mango

  4. Maple Syrup in Tomato Sauce

  5. Save Your Pasta Water

  6. Quality Makes a Difference

  7. Brats Win Over Meatballs

  8. Salt Your Brownie Pan

  9. Reverse Sear Meat

  10. Quality Pans and Knives

  11. Garlic and Seasoning

  12. Be Patient with the Mushrooms

  13. Understand Ingredients

  14. Hummus+Ice=Smooth

  15. Cook Rice in Broth

  16. Juicy Turkey

  17. Mayo Instead of Butter