About.com Tips on Saving Money on Medications

I came across information on About.com about how you can save money on medications: “Drugs, especially brand-name prescription medications, can be very expensive and may strain your budget, especially if you have a chronic illness. Whether or not you have health insurance with drug coverage, there are many ways to save money on your medications.”

The sections includes tips on:

  • Save on Drug Costs: Getting Started:
    – Ten Ways to Save Money on Your Drugs
    – Eight More Ways to Save Money on Your Drugs
    – Go Online for Information About Low Cost Drugs
    – Low Cost Medications from the Government
  • Generic Drugs:
    – Save Money with Generic Drugs
    – Are Generic Drugs Safe and Effective?
  • Buying Medications Safely Online:
    – Buying Drugs Online – Benefits and Risks
    – How to Find an Online Pharmacy You Can Trust
    – Counterfeit Drugs – How to Avoid Buying a Fake Drug Online
  • Buying Medications in Foreign Countries:
    – Crossing the Border to Buy Medications
    – How to Travel With Medications
  • Splitting Pills to Save Money:
    – Splitting Pills: What You Need to Know
    – How to Split Pills: Step-by-Step
  • Health Insurance and Medicare Part D:
    – Understanding Your Health Plan Drug Formulary
    – Where to Get Help When Choosing a Medicare Part D Drug Plan
    – Mail Order Pharmacies
  • http://drugs.about.com/od/costofdrugs/u/drug_costs.htm

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