A Man Dug This Hole In The Ground 10 Years Ago And It Ended Up Saving His Family’s Lives


No matter where you live, there’s always the risk of a natural disaster. Some parts of the world have earthquakes or flooding. Other parts of the world have tornadoes or hurricanes. Regardless of the type of natural disaster, it’s important to be prepared in the case of an emergency situation.

Tornadoes can rip through towns and neighborhoods destroying everything in their path. A house can be completely torn down leaving rubble behind. You would not want to be inside that house when a tornado comes to town. Instead, it would be important to either have a way to evacuate or a safe place to go near the house.

Some homes have basements, which can come in handy during a storm since they are a fairly safe place underground, but not all homes have basements.

Gage Evans was staying with his dad, Jordan Evans, for the weekend when a storm ripped through town. Gage knew his mom’s house didn’t have a basement, so he told his dad they needed to go help her.

Thankfully, Evans’ mom’s house had a unique feature. There was a prefab bunker in the yard near the house. Evans’ step-dad, Justin Pointer, made sure everyone got to safety inside the bunker, including the family dogs. It was a tight fit, but they were able to safely ride out the storm.

Watch the video below to learn more about how this hole in the ground kept an entire family safe during a tornado.

Underground storm shelters are available online. They come in different sizes depending on how many people are in your family. The cost varies depending on the size of the shelter, but most are under $10,000. There are shelters that can safely protect up to 20 people.

No matter what size shelter your family would need, these underground prefab shelters have standard features including a door that’s easy to open yet fully seals to keep our rain and weather.

What’s the most common natural disaster where you live? Do you think an underground bunker similar to the one in the video would be a good idea to protect your family?