A Homemade Remedy to Treat Eczema

An acquaintance shared this recipe with me.

This is a great bath salt that is awesome for my daughter who has eczema and you can tweak it to work for regular skin too.

3cups epsom salts
4 tablespoons edible organic extra virgin coconut oil
*mix together until clumps of coconut oil is smaller.
add 1/2 or 1 cup to warm bath and soak 20-30 minutes. ok if it gets on hair, not harmful. I also follow up with putting more coconut oil on her legs and arms wherever the eczema rash is.

now for normal folk
use same recipe but use the skin only coconut oil by”now” will be in a purple jar with silver lid at a healthy foods store. prepare as normal.

if desired add 16-20 drops essential oils to batch.
mix till blended.

I like to either use just one scent per batch or some pleasing mixtures are:

rose absoloute/orange oil and sandlewood(easy on the sandlewood)

lavender and sandlewood

**if you use the edible coconut oil versus the skin only type. the edible kind is more expensive and has a light coconut scent, this way you could bypass the essential oils if desired.

=left my daughters skin silky smooth, safe to get into hair,great for feet,avoid face and eyes thou.

Epsom salts is dirt cheap, you can find them at any dollar store, the coconut oil is a bit pricier $5 for skin only type or $10 for edible type. but you could replace the coconut oil with an olive or almond oil you already have around the house or even a baby oil found at a dollar store, the outcome will be slightly different but the benefit will be similar.