A Few Freezer Pointers

Freezing food is one of the best ways to save leftovers for later or to keep bulk purchases from going bad. However, freezing food incorrectly could result in lower quality food. Check out some tips offered over at Home Ec 101:

  • Freeze Foods Quickly to Prevent Ice Crystal Formation: those annoying ice crystals, or freezer burn, can ruin a food’s texture and quality. If you freeze foods in small portions (less than two inches thick) your food is more likely to avoid that frozen fate. For items like meat, it’s best to portion it and freeze it in sturdy packaging like foil, freezer paper or zippered freezer bags.
  • Freezing Food Doesn’t Kill Bacteria: remember that freezing food only prevents bacteria from multiplying. It doesn’t kill the bacteria. Be sure to wash your meats!
  • For more freezer tips, head over to Freezer How To.