93-Year-Old Woman Gets Her Diploma 75 Years After She Was Forced Into Quitting High School

Maureen Delaney via Facebook

No matter what someone’s age is, a birthday party can made them feel special. Children definitely aren’t the only ones to like to celebrate and have a party that’s all about them. Sometimes as we get older, a party with family and friends is just what we need.

Eileen Delaney is 93-years-old. She recently celebrated her birthday, and her daughter, Maureen Delaney, along with the help of other family members, made sure that the birthday was one Eileen will always treasure.

Sometimes the hardest part of preparing for a birthday can be deciding what to get the birthday boy or girl for a present. Often, the thoughtful gifts are the best ones, and they don’t have to cost a lot. Maureen was very creative with the gifts her mother got for her birthday, and we’re sure Eileen will treasure these gifts more than anything that could come from a store.

First, Maureen got her family and friends to send cards to Eileen. Considering Eileen has 6 children plus 8 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren, that ends up being a lot of cards. There were so many cards that the mailman commented that he didn’t even know as many people as all the people sending Eileen birthday cards.

While the cards are nice, that was far from the only surprise. Maureen set up a Zoom birthday party for Eileen to reveal the biggest surprise of them all. At age 93, Eileen received her high school diploma dated 1945, the year she would have graduated from high school if she hadn’t dropped out.

Eileen didn’t want to drop out of high school, but she had no choice. She had to get a full time job to help her family pay the bills. She liked her job at the New York Telephone Company, but she wished she had been able to walk at graduated with her friends.

In order to make the diploma surprise happen, Maureen contacted the current principal at Port Richmond High School, the high school Eileen attended. Working together with the principal and the alumni associated, Maureen was able to get the diploma for her mom in time for a birthday surprise.

The whole point of the diploma and the Zoom party was to make Eileen smile, and it definitely worked. She had a truly special birthday. Maureen told People, “It was a way to add a happy ending to what has been a difficult part of her life.”

What is the best birthday present you have ever received?