92-year-old Wins Big on ‘Wheel of Fortune’

Wheel Of Fortune

The television game show “Wheel of Fortune” is fun to watch and fun to play. Many people have watched the show for years, playing along with the contestants from their homes, trying to see if they can solve the puzzles first. Sometimes years of practice watching a game show can pay off, literally.

Liz is a 92-year-old mother, grandmother and widow. She recently had the opportunity to compete on “Wheel of Fortune” alongside her son, KC. The pair competed in a special Home for the Holidays episode, which was slightly different than a regular episode. On this special show, three teams of two competed instead of three individual players competing.

KC and Liz made a great team and won ended up walking away with over $65,500 and a trip to Antigua! While they worked as a team to solve the puzzles, Liz was clearly the standout contestant. Without her, KC may not have won.

After the show, Vanna White told Liz that this show was her “favorite show in 41 years. You made this show so special!”

@wheeloffortune Crying rn 🥹 #wheeloffortune #vannawhite #sweetmoments ♬ original sound – Wheel of Fortune

Liz didn’t seem to think too much of her talent and skill at the game, but she certainly seemed to like the attention. We also believe that we know why she was so good at the show. After the show, Pat Sajak said to her, “I take it you’ve watched the show occasionally.”

Liz’s answer made it clear why she was so good at the show. She answered, “Since the day one that it came on in Oklahoma City.” Considering how much she watched the show, she had been preparing for this moment for years, and as Sajak put it, she “played extremely well.”

Watch the video below to see highlights from Liz’s episode of “Wheel of Fortune” and to see her solve some pretty challenging puzzles.

Does it surprise you how well Liz competed on “Wheel of Fortune”? Do you think her years of watching the show helped her win?