Bride Gets Slammed for Wanting to Put a 9-Year-Old in Shapewear for Wedding

starast via Deposit Photos

Shapewear can be an amazing way for women to create a smooth silhouette under their clothes or to fit into a dress that might otherwise fit a little bit too snuggly. Yet, shapewear should be worn only if the person wants to wear it. It is not healthy to tell someone else to wear shapewear. That’s basically like calling the other person fat.

Imagine being a 9-year-old girl and being told by your future step-mom that you need to wear shapewear. That would not be a good start to the relationship.

One bride to be posted a question in a wedding planning group that made her look like a complete bridezilla and future worst step-mom of the year.

First, she started the post by writing, “Post for my moms! Definitely not a body shaming post.”

Um, you should know there’s trouble ahead when someone writes it’s “not a body shaming post.” Obviously there is more to come that might lead people to believe that it is in fact a body shaming post. Why else would the writer feel the need to start by clarifying that it’s not?

The post continues, “But how do y’all feel about a 9 year old wearing a body shaper (girdle)?”

The bride explained that the issue was the way the 9-year-old’s dress fit, and the bride thought shapewear might be the solution. “She’s a plus size kid. And her dress is a little snug. I figured why not try a body shaper to smooth out some of the edges to give the perfect fit.”

The bride portrays the situation as innocent and a quick fix, but if she thinks it’s a simple solution, we can’t help but wonder why she is even bothering to ask what other moms think. It seems that deep down she must know this is not the way to go. Yet, she presses on explaining, “The dress cannot be taken out. And it is only snug in the waist area. Everything else fits perfectly. Wedding is 5 days away.”

The bride ends the post writing, “Thoughts and suggestions…”

Oh, she got plenty of thoughts and a lot of suggestions she probably wasn’t expecting. The thoughts were all that putting a 9-year-old in a body shaper is bound to be the start of major body issues for the little girl. One person wrote, “You’re only teaching her that she needs to ‘smooth out the edges to look better for people’ and that’s so impactful at that age. Let her be.”

It’s important to note that this isn’t just any 9-year-old girl. That little girl is the bride’s future step-daughter. To that critical information, one person suggested, “FIND THE GROOM – call off the wedding. We need detectives.”

Do you think the bride was out of line for even considering asking her future step-daughter to wear shapewear at the wedding? Do you think the 9-year-old would be traumatized by the request?