These Are the 9 Worst Karens That We’ve Encountered This Year

Perhaps you’re going about your daily life, cautiously going to a store or restaurant to get what you need, when all at once you see her: a Karen. She might be a nice enough looking lady if she weren’t yelling at the store employees, but there she is, being completely unreasonable and seeming to think that the world needs to be extra nice to her for some reason.

The coronavirus pandemic has only given the Karens of the world another reason to show their true colors. They have been spotted in many locations arguing about why they should not have to wear a face mask, and in some cases, they have even put innocent bystanders in danger.

Scroll down to see 9 coronavirus Karens that we have already seen this year.

  1. At 7-11

    This Karen visited 7-11 to buy a case of beer; however, she refused to wear a face mask. The cashier insisted that put on a face mask, but the woman didn’t even have one with her. When the cashier said that he could sell her a mask, she got even more upset, refused to buy a mask and actually spit on the counter.

  2. At Costco

    This woman refused to put a face mask on inside Costco. When an employee told her to wear a mask, she said, “I will not.” The employee told her she would have to leave the store if she didn’t wear a mask, so the woman actually sat down on the floor in the middle of the store. The employee, being completely level headed, offered to get her a chair so she could sit outside instead.

  3. At Trader Joe’s

    This woman entered a Trader Joe’s in California and refused to wear a face mask, claiming that she had a breathing problem. She claimed that the employees were “violating federal law” when they insisted that she put on a face mask.

  4. At Fiesta Market

    This woman entered a grocery store in Texas called Fiesta Market. She wasn’t wearing a face mask, and like the Karens above, she got very angry when she was told that she needed to wear a face mask. She actually threw her groceries on the ground while screaming. Talk about causing a scene!

  5. At Starbucks

    In this case, a woman refused to wear a face mask in Starbucks. Then she decided to complain on Facebook about the employee who told her to wear a face mask. The situation backfired on her when someone decided to start a GoFundMe for the Starbucks employee.

  6. On an Airplane

    Many airlines now require all passengers over the age of 2 to wear face coverings. One woman boarded an American Airlines flight in Ohio, and she refused to put on a face mask. She was very argumentative and insisted that she had a medical condition that prevented her from being able to wear a face mask. The other passengers actually cheered when this woman got kicked off the airplane.

  7. At Papa Murphy’s Pizza

    This woman placed an online order for pizza and then entered the restaurant demanding her pizza. The problem was that she refused to wear a face mask, and when she noticed a man filming her upburst, she got right in his face, completely ignoring social distancing best practiced. He actually had to move out of her way.

  8. Another Coscto Outburst

    A Karen doesn’t have to be a woman. This man acted like a complete Karen while at Costco, and it ended up costing him his job. An elderly woman asked him to put on a face mask, and he got crazy angry and even used quite foul language. When his employer saw the video, he was fired.

  9. At Pier 1

    This last Karen is probably the worst of all. She was trying to return something at Pier 1. The problem is that she didn’t have the item with her that she was trying to return. When she noticed a woman filming her with her phone, she went right up to the woman and coughed on her! The woman who was filming was wearing a face mask and is fighting brain cancer. The woman who coughed on her could have put her in grave danger. This Karen ended up being arrested and charged with assault.