These 9 Stunning Makeup Transformations Have Us Wondering If These Are the Same People

goar_avetisyan via Instagram

If you’re lucky, you’re born with naturally flawless skin and enviable features. For most of us, there’s probably at least one thing about our facial features that we would like to change, and we often do just that with makeup.

Instagrammer and talented makeup artist Goar Avetisyan has us wondering what exactly most celebrities look like without their makeup on, because the before and after photos she shares on Instagram show that it is entirely possible to make an average looking person look like they belong on the red carpet.

It really is incredible what a makeup artist can do. Many of these before and afters are so different that it’s really hard to believe it’s the same person at first glance. The transformation is truly stunning. Scroll down to see for yourself.

Avetisyan lives in Russia and her Instagram text was written in Russian. We’ve included rough translations of the her descriptions below.

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  4. She Was 1.5 Years Old When Doctors Diagnosed Cancer

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  6. She Has Stage 4 Cancer. She Was Unrealistically Happy

  7. My First Model on My Master Class in New York

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  9. Scroll To See a 2nd Transformation. Which Transformation Is Stronger in Your Opinion?