9 of the Most Absurd Movie Poster Photoshop Fails Out There

If you go to your local movie theater, you’ll see movie posters for the movies that are currently playing as well as movie posters promoting movies that will be coming to the theater in the near future. These movie posters are supposed to make you excited to see the movie they’re promoting. They’ll usually show you one or more of the characters in the movie and set the mood for what the movie is like – happy, dramatic, romantic, etc.

The people who create movie posters probably don’t think we’re looking very closely, because sometimes they make huge photoshop fails, so huge in fact that it’s pretty hard to believe these posters were actually released.

Scroll down to take a closer look at 9 movie posters that include very absurd photoshop fails.

  1. Logan

    The child’s hand that is holding Logan’s hand looks very, very small compared to Logan’s hand, yet her fingers would have to be absurdly long in order to be holding such a big hand in this manner.

  2. The Dark Knight

    Why is Batman looking directly at the window frame instead of looking out at the city? No wonder Gotham has so much crime.

  3. Solace

    Look at Colin Farrell’s head. It looks very stretched and enlarged. We’re assuming the artist was trying to make his head the same size as Anthony Hopkins’ head. It didn’t work.

  4. Harry Potter

    We’re not sure how it’s possible, but Harry Potter seems to be inside the subway and outside the subway at the same time.

  5. Watchman

    In order to light the flamethrower, you would have to actually push the trigger.

  6. Ready Player One

    In order for this picture to be accurate, the actor’s legs would have to be over 6 feet long.

  7. Going the Distance

    Look at Drew Barrymore’s right hand. Look at her right shoulder. It would be impossible for her hand to be in that position.

  8. Beauty and the Beast

    The rose the actress is holding appears to be thorn free, but the rose in the glass appears to have thorns. We understand not wanting to hold a rose with thorns, but the artist could have added thorns back to the rose to make it more realistic.

  9. Gulliver’s Travels

    Where are Jack Black’s teeth and tongue? It was an odd choice for the artist to choose to remove them.