9 Games and Hunts That Can Take Easter to the Next Level for Kids and Adults


Easter is almost here, and we are definitely ready for some festive fun. Every year, we decorate Easter eggs, eat too much candy and send our kids outside to hunt for candy-filled eggs.

Those are all fine traditional Easter activities, but that doesn’t mean we have to settle for “fine.” This year, we encourage you to mix things up with fun games that are (dare we say) better than a traditional Easter egg hunt. The best part? You can do all of these games in your home.

Don’t believe us? Scroll down to find your new favorite Easter game or hunt idea the whole family will love.

  1. Pin the Tail on the Bunny

    Screen Shot 2020-04-01 at 8.36.46 AM

    The best part about this game is that you can make the bunny any size you want. A cotton ball or a piece of paper works just fine for a tail.

  2. Easter Bingo

    Use Easter candy as markers on the game board, and play to win Easter prizes (like a stuffed bunny perhaps). Get free printable Easter bingo cards here.

  3. Plastic Egg Stacking Game

    You’re bound to have plenty of plastic eggs on Easter, and instead of recycling them, upcycle them into this fun game. Contestants compete to see who can build the tallest plastic egg tower without it tipping over. Kids love this game!

  4. Bunny Bowling

    Create your own indoor bowling alley with a fun Easter twist. Use a large Easter egg instead of a bowling ball, and make DIY bunnies (or use stuffed animals or chocolate bunnies) instead of bowling pins!

  5. Easter Bean Bag Toss

    All you need is a cardboard box and a marker to create this fun bean bag toss board. Beans and felt are surprisingly easy to turn into DIY bean bag carrots, but if you’re not feeling that crafty, you could always use real carrots or small stuffed animals.

  6. Easter Egg Balloon Pinata


    Have you ever noticed that a balloon looks a lot like a huge Easter egg? Fill one with candy to turn it into a festive pinata!

  7. How Many Jelly Beans?

    Winner takes all! You can use any size jar and any Easter candy for this fun guessing game.

  8. Glow in the Dark Egg Hunt

    When the sun goes down, try this fun twist on the classic egg hunt! You can hide the eggs outside or inside your house. Use mini glow sticks or battery operated tea lights to make the plastic eggs glow!

  9. Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt

    Instead of randomly searching for eggs, turn the hunt into a scavenger hunt with a series of clues that lead to the Easter eggs! Get free printable clues here.

Which one of these Easter games or hunts is your favorite? How do you plan to celebrate Easter this year?