80-Year-Old Woman Gets a Makeover That Transforms Her Look and Her Life

Many people have had a time in their lives when they felt like they could use a makeover. Sometimes it’s after the end of a relationship. Sometimes it’s when a man or woman has failed to update their look for a long time and finally wants a change. Sometimes it’s later in life when someone wants the outside to reflect the inside.

Christopher Hopkins knows that a makeover is about more than just hair, makeup and a new outfit. He knows that a makeover has the power to change someone’s life.

Hopkins is affectionately knowns as The Makeover Guy and for very good reason. When he gives someone a makeover the results really can be life-changing. Often the transformation is so powerful that we hardly recognize the person who got the makeover, yet the person who got the makeover finally feels like they look like who they truly are.

Hopkins helped an 80-year-old grandmother named Carol get the look she didn’t even know how to ask for. She knew she was long overdo for a makeover, but she didn’t know where to begin.

Carol told Hopkins about her life story including her traumatic childhood. Then he analyzed her body type, hair growth pattern, skin tone and other details that would help him achieve a look that would be perfect for her.

Carol intentionally didn’t tell Hopkins anything about what she thought he might do or how she might look after the makeover, and she’s glad she didn’t. She was not expecting the look he ended up giving her, but she’ll thrilled with it. She explained, “It’s me! I mean I can’t believe it’s me! He captured my personality.”

Watch the video below to hear Carol’s story for yourself and to see her incredible transformation.

Have you ever had a makeover that made you feel like your new look matched your personality perfectly? What do you think of Carol’s new look?