Wait Until You See What This 80 Year Old Grandma Looks Like After Her Makeup Artist Granddaughter Works Her Magic!

Move over Kim, this grandma is breaking the internet. 80-year-old Livia is the grandmother of makeup artists Tea Flego, a Croatian makeup professional who is rapidly gaining social media fame with her amazing makeup skills. Her latest model? Her grandmother. To show off her expert contouring skills, Tea has been doing some of her most recent work on grandma Livia – and the results are absolutely amazing. Watch the video below to learn about Tea and her beautiful grandma, and to see Livia’s many fabulous looks!

Since she was little girl, Tea had always been interested in makeup. When she started to play with makeup as a child, her grandma always let her experiment on her, being the good sport that she is.

Now, Tea’s experimenting on her grandma has made them both Insta-famous!

It’s so amazing to see Tea show off her makeup skills while also getting to spend time with her lovely grandmother, and it’s even more amazing to see Livia’s true beauty shine post-makeover.

And look how willingly she poses for those Instagram pictures! Not only is she world’s best grandma, she’s also a natural. Work it, girl.