Here Were 8 Times When Kate Middleton and Princess Diana Were Style Twins

Kate Middleton and Princess Diana have a lot in common: They’re both members of the royal family, they’re both related to Prince William and Prince Harry, and they’re both flippin’ gorgeous. 

Besides just being outwardly attractive people, the two also are and were known for their sense of style. Whether dolled up in long, elegant dress for an event, or simply wearing a ski outfit (see below), the two are always seen in photos with the best clothing.

The funny thing is, Kate Middleton’s style totally reminds us of how Princess Diana used to dress. These outfits work on both of them, and it just makes us plain old giddy inside to see.

If Princess Diana was still around, we think she’d be really proud of her daughter-in-law—and really into her fashion.

Check out these times that Kate Middleton and Princess Diana were total royal twinsies (and try not to smile):

  1. Pretty in pink

    Does this bright of a pink color look good on anyone? Sure does—Princess Di and Kate Middleton both sported similar magenta jackets, and both absolutely radiated in them, even years apart. Kate wore this in 2015, and the photo of Princess Diana is from 1990.

  2. Black chic

    Princess Diana in 1993, and Kate Middleton in 2016. Even 23 years apart, this outfit is nothing short of stylish. The two have on nearly identical black pea coats with a powerful collar, a black brimmed hat, and traditional red poppy accessory. So classic!

  3. White as snow

    White is a color that never goes out of style, whether it’s in 1985 at a royal tour of Australia, where Diana is, or in 2018 at Prince Charlotte’s christening. These matching white dress coats and hats are to die for. Even a little Prince George is sporting white here, too.

  4. Red ski suits

    It’s not always glitz and glam for these royals—Diana liked to ski, and so does Kate (a twin moment in itself), and they apparently both like to wear red when they do it. These brightly hued ski jackets look so much alike, we could swear they’re the same one!

  5. (Royal) blue

    We’re definitely seeing double here. This double-breasted navy coat with yellow buttons makes such a statement, no matter which royal is wearing it.

  6. Feathery tan

    A royal can never go wrong wearing a feathered fascinator, especially when it looks this good. Kate wore this tan ensemble to a wedding in 2006 and Diana wore this similar outfit at an event in 1981.

  7. Dark and glam

    Though many years apart in these photos, these elegant black dresses are made by the same designers who created their wedding dresses—whoa. Diana’s dress was designed by Elizabeth and David Emmanuel, which she donned at a fundraiser at the Royal Opera House in 1981. Three decades later in 2011, Kate is wearing an Alexander McQueen gown for the Night of Heroes awards show at London’s Imperial War Museum.

  8. Black and white skirt suits

    Kate mirrored Diana’s black and white look in 2011 while visiting a community center in Birmingham. Princess Diana wore this skirt suit in 1990 at Royal Albert Hall. We’re getting major military vibes!

Can’t get enough of these moments? There’s plenty more where that came from! Check out the video below for even more moments of royal matching between Diana and Kate!