8 Things You Still Didn’t Know That Your iPhone Could Do

Mactrunk via Deposit Photos

You probably think you know everything about your iPhone by now. You probably think you know lots of tips and tricks about how to multi-task and make the tasks you do on a regular basis easier than ever. Don’t be too sure.

Twitter user Blake Burge likes to share tips and tricks with his followers, and he recently shared some iPhone tips that have us realizing we don’t know as much as we think we do. It turns out there are multiple shortcuts we never knew existed, and some of them can be modified to do whatever you want.

Scroll down to learn 8 iPhone secrets you probably don’t already know.

  1. Group Texts and Mentions

  2. One-Handed Typing

  3. See and Turn Off “Significant Locations”

  4. The Easiest Way to Undo Something

  5. How and Why to Turn on Face ID

  6. A PDF Scanner That Really Works

  7. Turn Off In-App Rating Requests

  8. Customize the “Back Tap” Feature