If a Nurse Were Your BFF, She’d Tell You These 8 Tricks

Nurses are the too-often-unsung heroes of the medical community, and we rely on their wisdom to keep us healthy and safe. Did you know that their years of experience in handling everything from from IV-lines to bed pans have given them knowledge in tons of other areas, too? Little Things gathered up some of their most varied and helpful tips to share with us. Whether you’re dealing with a nasty stench, an ugly cut, anxiety or some crazy hair, there’s a nurse genius life hack to get you out of the bind. Read on for EIGHT of them!

  1. Smear toothpaste on your finger— and below your nose.
    Little Things

    OK, so the toothpaste-on-the-finger tricks? It’s to help your breathing! The menthol in the toothpaste blocks odors and stenches that are not only unpleasant, but can make it hard to breathe. Smear some on your hands to sniff when you need, use it more directly by smearing it below your nose, or double-up on face masks and put a layer of ointment between them. Toothpaste, Vicks VapoRub, and/or anything mentholated will work well!
  2. Fold towels.
    Brett Blignaut via Flickr

    This one isn’t (just) about cleaning up after patients; it’s about calming down! We all get anxious and worried sometimes, and simple folding – think towels, washcloths, and other things hard to mess up – is calming because the action distracts us and makes us feel useful without requiring intense concentration.
  3. Superglue your cuts.
    Omegatron via Wikimedia Commons

    You know those liquid bandages that are becoming more and more popular? Guess what they resemble— superglue! If you don’t have any bandages, superglue absolutely works as a way to seal and protect your cuts, scrapes and injuries. Just apply a small amount and go about your business. Obviously, for deep or intense cuts, you should see a medical professional, but we can all take care of minor ones ourselves.
  4. Stop bleeding with a tampon.
    obencem via Deposit Photos

    Or a sanitary pad! Blood absorption is, after all, what they were designed to do. Stop a nosebleed by cutting a tampon in half and gently sticking it into your nose. Don’t go too deep! Use a sanitary pad to stop the bleeding from cuts, the same way you’d use any other cloth or gauze.
  5. Clean stains with hydrogen peroxide.
    Little Things

    Whether the stain has set in already or the spill has just happened, hydrogen peroxide is your new best friend. Pour some on a cloth and dab to both prevent a stain from setting and to remove ones that have already settled.
  6. Swap out salt for lemon.
    Nick Harris via Flickr

    One of the most common diet directives you get in a hospital is to cut out salt, but that can leave your food tasting bland, especially if you’re used to a high-sodium diet. Add some flavor without endangering your health by sprinkling lemon juice on your meals.
  7. Wash your skin with shaving cream.
    mcgphoto via Deposit Photos

    Let’s say your hands are covered in a particularly sticky substance you can’t get off no matter how hard you try. Use shaving cream like a lotion to help break it up, break it down, and take it off, then finish off with wipes or your regular cleaning routine.
  8. Detangle your hair with rubbing alcohol.
    Lenore Edman via Flickr

    If your hair is severely tangled or matted, you can use rubbing alcohol to detangle it. It works by breaking down whatever substance caused the tangles and undoing the knots. Simply put a few drops on the area and gently massage it through your hair.

So smart! It’s incredible how many different hats nurses wear. Aren’t you grateful we can benefit from their wisdom? Check out the original article on Little Things for even more, then tell us which of these life hacks you’re going to try first! Do we have any nurse-readers out there who want to add to this list?