7 Foods You Didn’t Know Could Kill Your Dog

While your dog may be your best friend in the world, you shouldn’t treat them like your human pal when it comes to food. Many dog owners know that some human foods are actually toxic to our furry friends, but you may be surprised by some of the foods on this list. Take a look at the foods you should avoid feeding your dog at all costs.

    • Chocolate:

      The caffeine and theobromine in chocolate are both really bad for your dog, and the darker the chocolate, the more dangerous it can be.

    • Milk:

      Milk contains sugar that dogs don’t have to enzymes to break down, so it can be harmful to dogs. And while milk won’t be immediately life-threatening to your pooch, it can contribute to serious bacterial exposure that could lead to disease.

    • Onions:

      Onions have compounds that can be harmful to dogs in large enough amounts. In fact, if enough onions are consumed, your dog’s red blood cells could end up damage, causing them to become weaker.

    • Macadamia Nuts:

      The specific chemicals in macadamia nuts that are harmful to dogs are still unknown, but eating them can cause your dog to develop weakness and an inability to walk, among other more serious issues.

    • Grapes:

      Grapes and raisins are actually known to cause rapid kidney failure in dogs. Symptoms may vary from dog to dog, but the results of eating grapes and raisins can be pretty devastating.

    • Apple Cores:

      Apple cores (and plum, peach, pear and apricot cores) actually contain cyanogenic glycosides (also known as cyanide). Ingesting this toxic can cause serious problems, like seizures and comas, in dogs.

    • Bacon:

      As much as your pup may love getting a bit of bacon under the table at breakfast, you should keep it away from them. Foods rich in fat, like bacon, can lead to pancreatitis in dog, cause their pancreas to become inflamed and stop functioning properly.