These 7 Back Pain Relief Tricks Will Help You Sleep Like a Baby!

If you are one of the 31 million Americans who is currently experiencing back pain, we feel for you! There’s nothing worse than having to sit at a desk, look after your kiddos, or scrub the tub when your muscles are super tense.

Because we want to see you rest easy AND stand tall, we found 7 back stretches that are so simple, you can complete them all in under 10 minutes—without any special equipment needed! For full tutorials on each pose, follow the links below.

  1. Downward Facing Dog

    Even the most casual yogis know how to execute this simple pose. Start in a neutral standing position, then fold your upper-body forward, taking care to engage your core as your hands reach the mat. From there, place your palms flat on the ground and move both legs back. Focus your energy on bringing your heels down towards the floor. Alternate bending your knees for a deeper stretch.

    While this is considered to be a full-body stretch, those with particularly tense shoulders will feel instant relief with this wonderful chest-opener.

  2. Upward Facing Dog

    Now that you’ve given some love to your upper back, let’s focus on taking care of that painful lower back pain. For this pose, lie belly-down on the floor with the tops of your feet pressing down into your mat. Stretch your legs towards the back wall and push your palms down as if you were doing a push-up. Next, fix your gaze skyward and lift your body up, making sure that your core is tightly engaged all the while.

    Enjoy the feel of your lower back muscles being instantly lengthened!

  3. Standing Forward Bend

    Sure, that mat can be comfy, but it’s now time that you rise to your feet once again. Begin with your feet shoulder-width distance apart, with your abs engaged and your knees neutral. Bend your upper half towards the floor from your hips and reach your fingers down towards your mat. Don’t worry if you can’t reach all the way, just try your best!

    From there, place both hands on opposite elbows and gently sway back-and-forth. You should feel the muscles in your neck relax almost immediately!

  4. Cat/Cow Pose

    For an efficient (and heavenly!) full-back stretch, consider the cat/cow pose. Begin in a tabletop position with both knees on the floor. Next, round your back, keeping your neck loose and neutral. Breathe through the stretch, then arch your back, placing your gaze up towards the ceiling.

    Expand and contract several times, making sure that you are releasing all of the air from your abdomen with each breath.

  5. Seated Spinal Twist

    Is your partner sick of your constant requests for shoulder massages? If so, we have just the yoga pose for you! Start with both legs out, directly in front of you, then cross one leg over the other so that its foot lands flat on the ground. Rest your elbow on the outer end of your raised knee and stretch your fingers out, as if you are waving.

    If this stretch is uncomfortable for you to execute, don’t worry about the elbow business—just reach as far as you can in the direction of your knee and gently twist. Instant relief!

  6. Wind-Relieving Pose

    Looking for a pose that’s so simple you can do it in bed? If so, you’ve certainly met your match in the wind-relieving pose. All you need to do to get started is lie flat on your back, taking care that your entire spine is hitting the floor, mat—or bed!

    From there, lift both knees up towards your chest, then, engaging your core, lift your chin towards your kneecaps. For a deeper lower-back stretch, alternate knees!

  7. Child’s Pose

    Now that your back and mind have finally relaxed, close out your practice by easing into Child’s Pose. Start with your knees pressing into your mat in a wide stance, then lower your belly to the floor. You can either reach your arms towards the opposite end of the room once your forehead has hit the floor, or you can simply keep them by your sides—your choice.

    Once you get settled into Child’s Pose, you will know; it should be so comfortable that you can fall asleep in it!

Lots of great exercises to check out, right? As always, before you get started, be sure to speak with your doc if you have been suffering from prolonged back pain, and never attempt to get into these poses if they hurt; pain may be an indication of an underlying issue.

We’d love to hear what you have to say about these back pain-busting exercises! Have you tried any of these poses before? If so, were you happy with the results? Are there any other exercises you would like to add to the list?