6 Ways to Use Hotel Toiletries

They’re free and they’re there at your disposal when you arrive. So don’t let those complimentary hotel toiletries go to waste! Here are some creative ways to use them if you don’t use them up on your stay:

Use Them on Your Next Trip

The little bottles that hotel toiletries come in are the perfect size for travel. Use up the stuff that’s in the bottles and then save them. Then you can fill them up with your own toiletries the next time you take a trip.

Another helpful tip is to use the shower caps from hotels to neatly stow your shoes in your suitcase. This is an easy way to protect your clothing from what’s lurking on the bottoms of your shoes.

Use Them At the Gym

If you shower regularly at your gym, hotel toiletries are perfect. You don’t want to weigh down your gym bag with regular or large toiletries.

Make a Car Survival Kit

Stow hotel goodies like lotion, mouthwash and sewing kits in your car’s glove compartment for use whenever you need them.

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