6 Frugal At-Home Spa Treatments

A trip to the spa can alleviate stress and leave you feeling rejuvenated, but the truth is that you can get similar results by using a bit of creativity in your own home. Check out this Frugal Upstate guest post from Amiyrah, a woman who knows a thing or two about treating yourself frugally:

  1. Treat Your Feet With Vinegar: when soaking your feet while giving yourself a pedicure at home, try pouring a cup of white vinegar into the warm water. You’ll start to feel the “tingle” which means that the vinegar is attacking your dry skin. Once you towel dry your feet, undesirable dry skin should come right off. Continue with an olive oil rub down and then complete your pedicure.
  2. Take a Bath – and Don’t Forget the Milk or Red Wine: add a half cup of milk or red wine directly to your bath water and enjoy. Both should work wonders on your skin.
  3. Let Your Pasta Water Do Double Duty: don’t let the steam from your boiling water go to waste. While the pasta is boiling, wash and moisturize your face in the bathroom. Then return to your boiling water for the last few minutes of cook time and put your face indirectly over the pot. The rising steam will help to open your pores and aid your moisturizer.

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