6 Common Tech Myths That Can Cost You

In many cases, people have a tendency to spend more money on certain things based on myths that just aren’t true. When it comes to tech, those who would consider themselves tech illiterate may be at a disadvantage and find themselves at the mercy of higher prices if they don’t do their research. Here are some common myths that would cause people to spend more money than necessary:

Myth 1: Refurbished Products Aren’t As Good As New Ones

The reason refurbished products sometimes get a bad rap is because people equate them with used products. This, however, isn’t true. Refurbished products are those that have had damage that has been fixed, were demo units from retailers, were defective and have been returned and fixed, or were an open box item that was returned.

Once a product is returned, it’s inspected and deemed ready for sale again, but it can’t be sold as new, so it’s sold as refurbished for a fraction of the cost. Subsequently, buying refurbished is one of the simplest ways to save money. A number of third-party retailers sell refurbished products, but you typically want to buy “Factory certified” because they’re tested by the manufacturer itself. You also want to find refurbished products with a decent warranty (90 days) and return policy (30 days).

Myth 3: More Expensive Cables = Higher Quality Picture and Sound

When it comes to picking out cables for things like TVs and stereos at the store (or online), it’s best to just go with the cheapest option. According to Lifehacker, spending more money on “better” cables is not going to affect sounds or picture.

As our sister site Gizmodo has noted, cheap HDMI cables give you the same results as expensive options . CNET’s results were the exact same , and Digital Foundary echoed the statement as well. The fact is, you won’t see a difference between cables that transfer digital data, like HDMI or DVI. In fact, our friends at the Wirecutter recommend the $10 Monoprice HDMI cables, which is about as cheap as it gets!

For the rest of the myths that could cost you, head over to Lifehacker’s 6 Common Tech Myths That Cost You Money.