6 Awesome No-Sew Clothing Hacks

Sick of your old clothing but don’t want to go out and spend money on new stuff? Check out these cool clothing hacks that don’t even require an ability to sew!

1. Turn a Tee into a Cardigan

Simply cut down the middle and use hem tape to make straight sides. Here’s how it’s done.

2. Make a Colorful Bow Tie

All you need for this one is some fabric, a ruler, scissors and a hot glue gun. Check out the tutorial.

3. Add Interest to an Old T

Use glue to create cute bows on the sleeves of your old t-shirt. Here are the instructions.

4. Make a Poncho Out of a Blanket

Just grab a fleece blanket, a marker, some scissors and a hot glue gun for this clothing hack.

5. Add Pizzazz to a Pair of Jeans

This tutorial shows you how to create fashionable studded cuffs on your jeans. No sewing required.

6. Create Cute DIY Lace Shorts

Jazz up some old shorts with this tutorial. Just grab an old pair of shorts, some lace trimming and fabric glue.