51-Year-Old Woman Feels 30 After Her Epic Makeover

There’s nothing like a good makeover to give a man or a woman self-confidence and a big smile. 

As we get older, we can relate to the feeling of being stuck in a rut sometimes when it comes to things like hair and makeup. It can be easy to get stuck with the same style year after year. Sometimes change is difficult, but eventually we’re ready for a new look.

Many people who are ready for a drastic change turn to The Makeover Guy, Christopher Hopkins. He has helped many people feel more like they did when they were younger just by working his magic.

A lot of the people who visit the Makeover Guy, don’t really know what they’re looking for in a hairstyle. They just know they want something different and more stylish than their current look.

Christopher is an expert at looking at their hair texture, face shape, skintone, etc to create a look that will wow yet a look that they’ll be able to keep up at home.

Francie was 50 years old when she visited the Makeover Guy. She said she had been waiting 9 months for this makeover and she was definitely ready for a change. She had no idea what kind of haircut or style she wanted. She just knew that she wanted something different. Her biggest fear was that she would leave with the same style she had when she arrived.

Francie didn’t visit Christopher by herself. Her husband came with her. When Christopher finally let him walk in and see what Francie looked like after her makeover was over, he could hardly believe his eyes. He said, “That’s like ‘you’re going out to pick up men’ hot.”

We’re sure Francie was glad that her husband was impressed by her new look, but what did she think of the makeover? Not only did Francie like the new look, she actually felt like she was 30 again. Remember, she was really 50. That’s a huge difference! We’d call that a definite success.

Watch the video below to see how Christopher made Francie look years younger with his makeover magic.

Have you ever gotten a makeover and your significant other didn’t like it? Have you ever felt stuck in a rut with your hairstyle? Do you know what kind of hairstyle you would want if you were going to get a makeover, or would you leave it up to the stylist?