British Person Lists 50 American States and What He Believes the States Are Famous For

Every state has something unique about them—but for some reason, when those things are told in the point of view of a British man who goes by “Beës,” it’s knee-slapping hilarious.

On his Twitter as @human_not_bees, Beës decided that one day he was going to tweet out 50 tweets about the 50 states, and what each of them is known for. He thought of the idea after someone he knew on Twitter told him that they knew “all the UK accents” simply because they’d visited the UK and driven around.

“I thought if the bar was that low for claiming you knew about a country, then I’d test my knowledge of US states,” Beës said.

Sure, why not?

Another fun fact about his list: He listed the states in alphabetical order from his memory.

“I used a list of the states so I had them in alphabetical order and didn’t miss any, but I didn’t look any up,” he said.

As far as his knowledge on what each state is known for, he said that it’s “pretty pervasive,” and that we all “see enough of it that we learn these things from TV shows and movies.”

“Also, you guys have some pretty cheesy TV that seems very willing to lean into the stereotypes of people and places, so really, you guys did this to yourselves,” Beës added.

His list was so spot on and funny that it garnered over 85,000 likes. Below are some of our favorite notions from Beës about the states and what they’re known for. Be sure to check out his thread here for the rest!

  1. Arizona

  2. California

  3. Connecticut

  4. Florida

  5. Georgia

  6. Iowa

  7. Maine

  8. Minnesota

  9. Mississippi

  10. Nebraska

  11. New Jersey

Again, be sure to check out his thread here for the rest. Which one is your favorite?