5 Things You Should Always and Only Buy New

Image of people shopping at a garage sale.Real Simple [Time Inc. AOL]

It can be tempting to save some money by buying things secondhand. Take it from someone who always searches eBay for the best price for an item before sucking it up and heading to the mall. Who doesn’t love a good virtual (or physical) yard sale? We know we do.

Being money savvy is nothing to be ashamed of. And buying items used can be a great option sometimes. But there are certain products that just aren’t worth the risk, no matter how cheap they’re going for.

Why? When you buy used, you don’t really know the history of the product, which can make a difference in how safe or effective it is. And when that comes to something beneficial for your safety, something your child will use, or something that can put you or someone else in danger, that matters.

The phrase “you get what you pay for” makes a lot of sense here. Even if someone is offering you something for free, there’s probably a reason—and you probably shouldn’t give in. Her are just some of the used products you should beware of:

  1. Helmets.

    If you think of why you buy a bicycle or motorcycle helmet, it surely isn’t for the fashion (and if it is, hey, we’re not judging). But you’re likely getting one to keep your head safe in case of a crash. The thing is, once a helmet has been bumped or dented in an accident, it might contain damage that isn’t obvious to the naked eye. Do yourself a favor, and invest in your safety in a brand new helmet.

  2. Cribs.

    Cribs are recalled quite a bit and the last thing you want to do is jeopardize the safety of your toddler. Also, like helmets, it’s just as important to know a crib’s history, and a used crib could have missing hardware or the parts that are loose—and that could leave a dangerous gap that a child could fall through.

  3. Mattresses.

    Yes, the prices of a new mattress are pretty gross, but so is buying one used. Say it with us now: Bedbugs. Plus, a mattress only lasts about seven to 10 years—any longer than that and you risk sags, tears, rips, wholes, and other damage that can interfere with your sleep.

  4. Laptops.

    Depending on the type of laptops, their lifespan may not be very long, so there’s no guarantee it’ll even work. Plus laptops tend to endure a lot of drops, bangs, bumps and the occasional coffee spill over the years, which can do damage to their functionality.

  5. Stuffed animals.

    Talk about an overpriced toy—depending on the brand, a precious stuffed bear or rabbit can sometimes cost you upwards of $100! But trust us: you don’t want your child snuggling with a secondhand plush pony. It could contain anything from bed bugs to lice, spit-up to bacteria. So basically you’ll be spending way more on doctor’s bills after buying a used one than just buying a new one in the first place.

What do you think—would you buy any of these products used? We hope not. For even more items you should only buy new, be sure to watch the video below!