5 Surprising Ways to Be Frugal and Burn Calories

Looking to find more opportunities to burn calories? Some of the activities you may already be doing can actually help you out. Do them more thoughtfully and you could kill more calories in no time.

1. Move the Furniture Around









While spring cleaning your home, you might choose to move the furniture around as a frugal way to change the look and feel of some of your rooms. And this activity alone will also help you burn 250 calories if you’re at it for about half an hour.

2. Eating Spicy Food









Adding spice to a meal is a cheap way to add flavor. It’s also a great way to burn up to 100 calories.

3. Do the Laundry








It may be a pain in the but to schlepp laundry between rooms to the laundry room or the laundromat, but doing so could help you burn up to 200 calories.

4. Eat Some Celery










Celery actually takes more energy to chew than the average food item. So eating it will get your metabolism going and help you burn 50-100 calories.

5. Grocery Shopping









Pushing the heavy cart up and down the grocery aisles actually helps you burn up to 200 calories.


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