5 Gorgeous Hairstyles You Can Create in Minutes

Spring has sprung! To celebrate, we want to encourage you to let your hair down…literally. It’s time to shed the messy buns and furry hats of winter and embrace the nice weather with some lovely new hairstyles! Out with the old, in with the new, as they say. Spoiler alert: prepare yourself for a whole lotta braids. What’s more spring appropriate than braids? Watch the video below for simple tutorials on 5 gorgeous spring hairstyles.

The Half Up-do: Make three small braids, two on one side of your head and the third on the other side of your face. Pull back braids one and three and pull it into a half pony. Do what you will with the strands in the back – we love how she knots hers into a messy bun.

Braided Ponytail: Dutch braid your hair, gathering hair as you would in a French braid. Braid the last few strands normally, then secure with a tie in a low pony position. Loosen up the braid. Take a small piece of hair and wrap it around the tie so it cannot be seen.

Tousled Fishtail: Leave out strands of hair on both sides of your face. Fishtail braid the rest of your hair back. Loosen the braid. Grab the pieces around your face, twist them, then randomly pin them back for a messy look.

Low Knotted Bun: Split your hair in half and tie the two pieces in a half knot. Pin to hold in place. Tie the ends of the hair and pin again. Loosen up the bun.

Braided Up-do: Take the top half of your hair and do a normal braid. Loosen the braid up and pin it away. Repeat on the bottom half of your hair. Make a bun with the bottom braid and pin it in place. Let the top half down and wrap it around the side. Pin in place.