Comedian Reflects on the 5 Phases of Mask Wearing

The COVID-19 pandemic began back in March—hard to believe, isn’t it? Before that, wearing a facemask was unheard of. If you saw someone in the grocery store wearing a mask, you’d probably stare and wonder why. Now, if someone is NOT wearing a mask, you wonder why.

While wearing masks is now the norm in order to help limit the spread of the virus, it took a while to get here. And one comedian named Trey Kennedy decided to make light of the various phases of mask-wearing in his most recent video.

Kennedy has done a lot of comedic videos regarding the pandemic, including people’s relationships with Netflix at the height of quarantine and the differences between day 1 and day 50 of quarantine.

Now, he made a video regarding what he refers to as the “5 phases of maks wearing.” And it’s pretty spot on.

The first phase was the “don’t get them phase”—you know, when it became a thought, but experts were saying that masks actually didn’t do anything to help the spread. People were confused about whether they would help or hurt, so most people refused to wear them.

The next phase, according to Kennedy: The “wear one if you want” phase. This was the beginning phase of experts realizing that wearing a mask might actually be helpful. But it was still a little weird, right? You’d wear it for 30 minutes at the grocery store and wonder how anyone could wear it longer than that.

Enter the third phase: the “mask mandate” phase. This was when, you guessed it, various locations put out their own orders of where you needed to wear a mask and when. Most stores and restaurants began to require them, but each state differed in what was required and what was not.

The fourth phase Kennedy calls the “judgment zone.” This is when people would silently (or not-so-silently) judge the way people wore masks, what type of masks they wore, and so on. I mean, if you’re wearing a face shield, you’re just a complete idiot, right? And if you saw someone without a mask, forget about it.

For the last phase, you’re going to have to watch his full video below! But trust us, it’s all too accurate—as is the way he portrays the other phases of mask-wearing.

Do you agree with Kennedy’s portrayal of the phases of mask-wearing? What do you think will be the sixth phase?