Comedian Hits the Nail on the Head When It Comes to the 5 Phases of Any Diet

Trey Kennedy via YouTube

If you’ve ever wanted to lose weight, you’ve probably thought about going on a diet. And if you’ve ever gone on diet, you’ve probably gone through the five phases of dieting…even if you didn’t know it at the time.

Comedian Trey Kennedy, who posts hilarious and relatable videos on his YouTube channel Trey Kennedy Studios, totally nailed what these five phases are. The funnyman has been posting the most hilarious videos about literally everything. From “Everyone’s Relationship with Netflix,” which paints a (not so) pretty picture of what we all look like when we binge-watch Netflix to “What Most Girls Are Like When Fall Rolls Around,” (hello pumpkin spice latte digs!), he truly nails every bit, and this one is no different.

In his most recent video called “5 Phases of Any Diet,” Trey goes through exactly what happens the moment you decide to go on a diet to the moment you decide to end said diet.

According to Trey, dieting always beings with the “confidence” phase. Which diet will you do? There are so many exciting options! Oh, and all of that gross food in your pantry? Get rid of it all! No alcohol? That’s easy!

But then, you hit phase two: When reality really settles in. All that healthy food you were so excited to eat? You suddenly realize the lackluster flavors and how much you miss all that other food you threw away. Rice cakes and kale? Yum…Even peeling an orange can feel daunting.

Phase 3: Cutting corners. Ah, well—you tried. You did it really well for a few days, but what’s a little junk food going to do? Like, Fritos are made with only corn and salt so how bad could they REALLY be? And whipped cream is only 25 calories a serving, so…it’s fine, right? Plus, since you’ve been working out so much, you can probably skip a day or two…or five. You’re sore anyway, so that wouldn’t be good.

It gets even worse in phase 4, which is “Questioning Everything.” Why did you start a diet in the first place again? You’re not having any fun. After two weeks, you’re barely down two pounds. Is this even worth all the agony? You’re just not sure anymore.

So what’s phase 5? Check out Trey’s hilarious spot-on video below to find out, plus see his portrayals of the other four phases as well.

Have you ever done a diet and. gone through these phases? What other kinds of thoughts do you have when attempting to eat healthier?