5 Styles to Do at Night for Glorious Morning Hair

In the world of convenient hairstyles, plopping for curls has earned its place among an adoring set of fans. No heat, no mess, no extra-ness. But hey, that’s not the only way to achieve the look you want without spending extra time in the mirror.

Keep missing out on your morning bagel? Late for work? Try one of these five easy overnight styles shared by POPSUGAR Beauty and Garnier. These techniques can really give you the license to say “I woke up like this.” Yes, you can do it!

Keeping in mind a few different hair types, there’s something to choose from if your hair is short, long, fine, or naturally curly. We’ll highlight three of these cute styles here, but you can check out the rest of these ‘dos in the video below.

Rag Curls

If you’ve got some rags sitting around in need of a job, put them to work with this time-tested curling method that’s recommended for short hair. On damp hair, wrap a piece of cloth onto a small section of hair. Tie it into a knot and repeat the steps for the rest of your hair. In the morning, take ‘em out and shake ‘em out for some curly definition.

Pineapple Twist Out

Natural hair wearers love a good twist-out. They’re pretty, fun, and low maintenance— if you can pull it off. With this “pineapple” version, first prep your dry hair with a leave-in conditioner. Section the hair off and create a two-strand twist in the desired size. Repeat for your entire head.

For the pineapple method, pull the twists up into a hair tie and wrap your head in a silk scarf to protect it from frizz. It’s a way to maintain curls overnight for any hair type, and helps keep the hair from getting tangled. Undo the twists or let your curls hang loose when the morning rolls around!

Headband Curls

This one is pretty novel and something you can do while watching your favorite nighttime TV show. Ideal for wavy or long-haired ladies, you’ll need to wear an elastic headband for this one. Pop one around your forehead that’s wide enough for your hair. In small sections, wrap your hair around the band, working towards the back of the head. Continue until all your hair is completely coiled around the band.

Sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite. Wake up and unravel the headband from your hair to reveal soft curls. If you’re worried about your hair coming loose or getting tangled, trying pinning it as you tuck it around the band. Notice that the model in the video also does this on dry hair.

Experiment with your hair length and texture. With these styles, you don’t have to worry about drying out your hair with heat and causing damage. The other bonus? You can spend those newfound minutes in the morning hitting the snooze button, eating a real breakfast, or, um, working out. Walk out the door cute and energized!

What do you think of these nighttime styling tricks? Which of these would you like to try? Which of these tricks have you done already? Share with us in the comments!