5 Life-Saving Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Know











Check out these cool makeup tricks that will save you money and make less of a hassle of getting beautified!

1. Make Lipstick Last

After you apply your lipstick, just hold a tissue over your mouth and lightly dust on translucent powder over the tissue.

2. More Effective Mascara

Between each coat of mascara, just dip a q-tip in some baby powder and run it across your lashes (especially the tips). This will make the second coat you put on look longer and fuller.

3. Get Rid of Split Ends






















You don’t need to go to a salon to get your split ends trimmed (as least if you’ve got straight-ish hair). Just twist your hair and snip the ones that you see sticking out.

4. Re-use Expensive Mascara Brushes

When you buy a pricier mascara bottle, you’re really just paying for the brush design. So invest in a nice bottle of mascara once, then save the brush. You can wash it when it’s time to disinfect.

Also, when your mascara is running low, try this simple trick to rejuvenate it.

5. Mess-Free Manicure









Give yourself a better, mess-free manicure (with cheap, long-lasting nail polish) with the help of some plain old lip balm.