5 Fun, Fashionable Ways To Cuff Your Jeans

Finding the perfect pair of jeans is an endless struggle. If they fit you around the waist, they’re too baggy in the thighs. If they fit your butt perfectly, you could fit another person in your gaping waistline. The struggle is too real. But no matter how your jeans fit or don’t fit, one fashion rule is always applicable: jeans that are too long for you are a no-no. Swimming in extra fabric that’s all bunch up around you’re ankles? That look has never been flattering on anyone.

If you have a pair of jeans that you love that are just a little too long, don’t get rid of them! You can easily take them to get tailored and perfectly fit your height.

Need a quick, stylish fix instead? Well, the go-to method is cuffing your jeans. Cuffed jeans are a trendy look that not only keep your pants out from under your feet, but can actually elevate your whole outfit.

While you can go for the basic rolled cuff (which you’ll see below), cuffing your pants is actually something you can have a lot of fun with! There is more than one way to cuff your jeans and to prove it, we’re bringing you five fabulous ways from fashion blogger Lindsay Albanese. She is going to show us five fresh looks, including her favorite and least favorite way to cuff jeans.

The Back Flip

This is such a simple cuff! All you’re doing is making one, large cuff from the bottom of your jeans to maybe three inches above your ankle. This larger cuff should be about the length of your hand.

What a perfect look for a quick, casual outing, like running errands or getting brunch with the girls.

The Half-Tuck

Start with the Black Flip cuff (one large tuck up) and then roll the cuff once upward. This gives a cool layered effect that we love. Cuffing your jeans like this is guaranteed to give your outfit a unique flare – we’ve never seen anyone cuff jeans like this before.

The Perfectly Imperfect

The look nowadays is to look perfectly messed up, and achieving that put together but unpolished look is difficult to pull off. Well, it’s no wonder then that this perfectly imperfect cuff is Lindsay’s favorite of the bunch! It really helps you nail that super trendy not-trying-too-hard look.

Start with the Back Flip, and roll the cuff up once to create the Half-Tuck. Instead of rolling up again, all you have to do is bunch up the sides of the cuff, creating that “totally accidental” look that we’re all going for.

The Egg Roll

Another super easy cuff! The Egg Roll is exactly as it sounds: rolled up. All you have to do is take your cuff, start with a small roll, and then roll the bottom of your jeans up to whatever spot on your leg that you’d like.

This cuff depends a lot of height, body shape, and preference; you can roll your jeans to any point that you find comfortable and flattering.

The Neat

Now, while this is a very put-together cuff (maybe good for a low-key work event or something of the like) it’s also a bit boring – which is probably why it’s Lindsay’s least favorite cuff of all.

This is basically just your average cuff. Roll the bottom of your jeans up once, making sure the cuff is even all the way around your ankle, then fold it up a second time so equal parts have been cuffed. If you love a sophisticated, preppy look, then this is the cuff for you!


What do you think of these styles? Share your favorite way to cuff in the comments section below.