5 Hairstyles You Can Create in Minutes

Whether you’re heading back to school, returning to work after a vacation, or just generally having the feeling of a “new beginning,” the start of fall means it’s time to bid goodbye to simple summer styles and start trying new things. It’s like having another New Year’s right in the middle of the regular year, and our resolution? To try out new hairstyles! Ideally, we wanted to find ones even hairstyling novices could learn how to do, and we didn’t want to have to spend a whole bunch of extra time in the morning getting them done. Enter Rumble’s Kalyn Nicholson! Not only is she here demonstrating quick, and pretty easy, back-to-school hairstyles, she’s showing us FIVE— one for every day of the week! Watch her do them all, then read on to pick out your favorite and plan your hair’s schedule.


On Mondays, it’s hard enough getting out of bed in enough time to brush our teeth and get dressed, so nobody wants to spend a bunch of extra minutes in front of the mirror! Instead, get a fast and fabulous look with a simple topknot surrounded by a simple braid.


By Tuesday, we’re all a little bit more back into the swing of things, so it’s time to have some fun! This twist on a normal braid is pretty and romantic, and easier to do than you might think. Curl random pieces of your hair, then start a small braid that begins at your side part. Tie off your hair in a loose ponytail, then form a loose regular braid. Curl any remaining wisps, and voila! Beautiful.


On hump day, you just HAVE to have a look with a little volume. According to Kalyn, this one takes a little more effort, but to our eyes, it might be the simplest one yet! Either way, it’s still quick and pretty easy. All you need to do is curl some random pieces of your hair on each side of your head, then pull everything pull into a high ponytail. Pull gently and curl until you have a perfect curly ponytail. That’s it!


By Thursday, we’re all already looking forward to the weekend and feeling a little drained. We still want lovely hair, but we have quite a bit less energy. Time to let our hair down! For this easy look, you just part your hair down middle. Then you do a twist on each side around your crown, and pull them back to meet and pin beneath the hair in the back of your head. Adjust the rest of your hair around the twists as you want, and you’re all set! Even though you’re headed to work or class, your hair will look like you’re going to a festival.


It’s Friday! Whether you’re the type who’s sad to see the week go or spend all day saying “TGIF” to anybody who will listen, you want to end the week on a fashionable bang. Something that’s a little different but not too outrageous, and pretty easy to do? A high, thick braid! Kalyn adds an extension to hers, but you can absolutely do it with your normal hair. Just tease and position a high ponytail, than braid it all the way down to the end. Perfect!

When you add these five styles to your normal hairstyling repertoire, you can probably go at least two weeks – if not an entire month! – without repeating a look. Which one of these do you think you’ll try first? Do you put effort into your hair everyday, or are you not enough of a morning person to get out of bed on time? How do you create a stylish, professional look when you’re running late?