4 Year Old Plummets Off Hospital Roof and Is Saved By A Miracle

When you have little kids you know that you have to watch them at all times. We’re talking like every single second. Don’t blink. If it’s quiet, they might be getting into trouble.

Remember the time when the little boy wandered off at the zoo, climbed over a fence and fell into the gorilla enclosure? He survived, but the gorilla didn’t. We’re sure the whole experience was a nightmare for him and his family.

While some people can say that the zoo should’ve had stronger safety measures or the mother should’ve been watching her child, we know that it really can only take looking away for one second for a child to wander off.

That’s what happened in Thailand. This time, the situation did not happen at a zoo but a hospital.

A 4-year-old girl was at the Kanchanaburi hospital with her family. They were visiting her father who was a patient there. His room was on the 7th floor of the hospital.

Her parents probably only looked away for a second, but that’s all it takes for a child to wander off. A cleaner had been sweeping the roof of the hospital and forgot to lock the door. You probably see where this is going.

The little girl wandered up to the roof all by herself. She was playing, chasing a gecko.

Little kids aren’t always aware of their surroundings or of the consequences of their actions. The gecko ran towards the edge of the roof. The little girl followed. The gecko ran right off the roof. The little girl reached out her hands to catch it, leaning over the edge of the roof. That’s when it happened.

She fell off the roof of the hospital.

If she had fallen anywhere else, it most likely would’ve ended in tragedy, but miracle of miracles, she fell right over the hospital’s sign and the sign got caught on the fabric of her shirt, preventing her from falling very far at all.

Hospital staff rushed to the roof and risked their own lives to save the little girl while her parents and other people at the hospital watched.

See this amazing rescue in the video below.

If you have kids, have they ever wandered away from you?